Mower County, Mn Tornadoes

The heaviest harm occurred at a bowling alley in southeast Austin off Highway 218. The roof on the east aspect of the constructing and one wall were blown off. Debris was blown inside the building in addition to throughout the street.

Crouch low and shield your head from injury till the storm passes. The water is a harmful place to be when there is an approaching tornado, as tornadoes get stronger on water. Get to land as rapidly as attainable, then seek shelter within the interior of a constructing. People in cellular properties ought to go away instantly and head to a more secure constructing. These kinds of properties usually are not a secure place to be when there is a twister, as they cannot withstand its forces.

Mower County, Mn Tornadoes

Be aware of downed power lines, sharp debris, spilled fuel or chemical compounds, or other hazards. People shouldn’t try to the touch or repair something that could cause hurt. Look round for signs that the home or building just isn’t protected. If there’s any reason to query the security of a location, relocate to a secure place and anticipate local authorities to deem it safe to return. Use a battery-operated radio to hear for directions from local officers. After the twister has come and gone, don’t assume that the risk has handed.

Some of the storms might be extreme and produce heavy rainfall, weather officials stated. This twister started in northern Iowa, moved via Freeborn County, and hit the south side of Austin. About $600,000 of the million in complete loses was to about one hundred houses in Austin . This twister tracked by way of components of Freeborn and Mower Counties, transferring 6 miles southwest of Austin. At least one barn was destroyed and a number of other head of cattle have been killed.

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Include this data in your plan, and go there when a tornado is imminent. Tornadoes are violent forces of nature within the form of destructive rotating funnels of air. Spawned by thunderstorms, these columns prolong downward and might trigger major injury to houses and buildings as well as destroy an space’s infrastructure within a comparatively short time period. The wind speeds of a tornado range and can reach as high as 300 mph, abandoning a trail of destruction up to 50 miles long. The best way to survive a twister is to correctly prepare for one.

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Minor harm was famous a couple of half mile east of the Austin airport and about 2 miles southeast of the airport. One minor damage was reported when a person sustained scrapes and bruises when he took shelter in a shed that rolled over twice. Property damage was estimated at $2 million and crop harm was estimated at $30,000. “Warnings, usually issued minutes before a twister hits, are pressing calls to seek shelter immediately.” A tornado struck in the southern outskirts of Austin pulling down bushes and farm buildings before shifting northeast.