Preparations For the Cricket World Cup in 2020

As South Africa prepares to host the Cricket World Cup in 2020, Australia has already started preparing for their own world cup. It was reported that as many as 10 national teams are involved in research and development efforts to make it possible for them to host a successful tournament. These efforts will include making sure that the venue has been properly inspected, that the fields are fully prepared, and that they are properly staffed.

Another key element to the success of cricket is that the matches themselves should be lively and exciting. The popularity of cricket in America is down because the games are dull.

In order to become the host country, teams must first fulfill the criteria outlined by the ICC, or International Cricket Council, before they can even plan on how they are going to get ready for the tournament. The ICC set forth the necessary requirements to host a successful tournament which is known as the hosting criteria.

To host a successful tournament, each team must satisfy certain criteria which include a firm financial commitment from the nation that the team represents and must come from a sporting nation with a long standing history of international cricket. The host nation must also come from a well-established, wealthy, and developed nation.

Two other factors that teams must meet in order to successfully host a tournament are that they must have a stadium large enough to hold at least 25,000 spectators and that the field they are playing on must be level and there must be a proper drainage system within the stadium to prevent water levels from rising. The ICC is not too concerned about the weather conditions as long as the field is well prepared and the field is level.

There has been a major development with regards to the development of new cricket stadiums in many parts of the world. Teams are using the stadiums they have been given to host matches as opposed to having to travel to different venues all over the country to play in a baseball stadium.

The ICC expects that stadiums that have a large capacity stadium will still be used for international matches, but it is expected that the teams will be more likely to come to these stadiums when they are host nations to a tournament rather than staying at home and playing in a smaller, more intimate stadium. This will take place in the case of South Africa hosting the World Cup, as they are expected to use their larger stadium to host matches that are more competitive in nature.

As the world prepares for the Cricket World Cup in 2020, Australia and South Africa are taking the necessary steps to ensure that they will both host successful tournaments. One of the key factors that are known is that the field must be level so that water levels do not rise and all other aspects of the field must be in good condition.

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