What Your Favorite Video Game Says About You

What Your Favorite Video Game Says About You? So, have you ever played a video game and felt, “I love you”? This is one of the feelings that a game should evoke. What games are you playing that makes you feel this way? Are you playing a game like Zelda or Halo where there is a girl in the game who gets a special message from the main character? If so, it’s time to get off your butt and start looking at your games that stimulate this feeling and figure out what they’re telling you. While these feelings may be different for everyone, it’s still important to find out what they are.

You probably know when you start a new game that it tells you something about yourself. In many cases, that feeling is excited, lonely, happy, or upset. Think back to those games you played when you were a kid and remember how many times you got that feeling. Did the feelings change over time? For some people it did, but for others they remained the same.

What Your Favorite Video Game Says About You? Of course, once you begin to identify these feelings and behaviors it will be easier to find them again in other games you play. This can give you a “check list” to make sure that when you play a new game you have a very good idea of how it is going to affect you. For example, if a game makes you sad or lonely it can trigger the same feelings in others. There is also a “game over” button in most games that help in finding the cause of the problem.