Super 17

In the anime-only sequel, Dragon Ball GT, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu create a replica of Android 17 by the name of Hell Fighter 17, who meets up with Android 17 and brainwashes him. Android 17 attacks Trunks, confronting Android 18 with a proposed merge and using the same telepathic ability to attempt brainwashing her into complying, till Krillin brings her back to her senses, inflicting Android 17 to fatally injure him. Android 18 assaults Android 17, although he overwhelms her as she blocks an assault intended for her daughter Marron. Android 17 departs to satisfy his copy and the two fuse to type Super 17, defeating the heroes and underneath orders from Dr. Myuu, kills Dr. Gero again.

Wasting no time, Broly punches trunks within the face and knees Goten in his stomach, making the previous fall into the ocean unconscious. Realizing that they both seem too “small” to be his true targets, Broly decides to choke the life out of Goten before kicking him within the ocean as nicely, thus immediately turning into unconscious.

Presumably Goku’s capability to know what they seemed like could also be the results of his psychic abilities. 17 was visited by 18 and her household, they quickly leave the island with Trunks, Goten, and Marron looking after the creatures. When arriving at Capsule Corp. he meets the opposite members of the Universe 7 team, 17 and Piccolo walked towards each-different and the two respectfully shake arms.

Super 17 offers Goku hassle throughout their guaranteeing battle as he is ready to absorb all of his attacks. After Android 18 arrives, seeking revenge for Krillin’s murder, Android 17’s psyche is ready to take management of the fused form, killing Dr. Myuu and revealing to Goku and Android 18 that Super 17 is not in a position to transfer and take up energy at the same time.

Immediately after, Broly notices the arrival of SSJ Vegeta earlier than being punched within the face, which begins to bleed profusely. Recovering from the attack with a evil smile on his face, Broly manages to block Vegeta’s kick before punching him onerous in his gut. As a while goes on, both Super Saiyans are next shown to be clashing with all of their might in a fiery explosive dance in the sky. When both warriors lock arms with each other, Broly is amused that “Prince” Vegeta is no longer afraid of him, which Vegeta retorts by smugly saying that he amazed that Broly even remembered tips on how to talk. At that exact moment, SSJ Gohan busts out of the ocean and immediately rams his entire body into Broly’s stomach, thus shocking Vegeta.

Who did Android 17 married?

Android 17 is killed when Semi-Perfect Cell self-destructs. 17’s life is restored after the Z Fighters use the Dragon Balls to revive those who died as a result of Cell’s campaign.

When Gohan regroups with Vegeta and tells him that they have to defeat Broly before he ascends into his legendary state, Broly catches on to Gohan’s plan when he recovers and excitingly begins to rework into his Legendary Super Saiyan type. Goku and his associates are at residence consuming until a badly overwhelmed up Trunks arrives, saying he was overwhelmed up by android 17, who told him to tell Goku to go to Hell to set issues straight. Goku leaves for Hell, the place he meets Dr. Myu, and Dr. Gero, who leave, leaving Goku very annoyed with no means out, until two of his most fierce enemies from the past drop by, Cell and Frieza.

Realizing Goku’s energy, Cell uses a way not seen in Dragon Ball Z. He forces out his tail even in his excellent state and absorbs Goku. Once absorbed, Super Perfect Cell powers up with excessive, radical lightning and he states that he has gained all of Goku’s energy and has become the strongest fighter within the universe.

android 17

But this only lasts for about ten seconds since Goku finds his method out of Cell’s physique. After a struggle between Goku, Cell and Frieza, they present Goku a brand new technique that they realized in Hell; a tornado spin that throws Goku down to the deepest part of Hell. While there, an odd, outdated lady demonstrates numerous tortures which ends by freezing Goku in a block of ice.

Goku then kills Super 17 utilizing the Super Dragon Fist as Super 17 is unable to soak up the assault. In the dream, Goku imagines a nightmarish situation where Android 17 and 18 brutally kill Gohan, Krillin, Chi-Chi, and Future Trunks. Goku was unaware, nonetheless, that the Androids of his timeline were not the same as those in Future Trunks’ timeline.

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